For Presidents' Alliance Members

At the Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration, we believe that supporting Dreamers, other immigrant students, and international students is integral to the mission of higher education and vital to the future of America.

Contribute now to support the Presidents’ Alliance:

  • Educate policymakers and the public on the important contributions of immigrant and international students, faculty, and staff to our campuses, communities, and country
  • Identify, develop, and share best practices across campuses to better support immigrant and international students in higher education and beyond
  • Advocate for Dreamers, other immigrant, and international students & advance commonsense, bipartisan immigration reform at the federal and state levels


For instructions to make your contribution using a check, ACH, or wire transfer, see below.  

Invoices, W-9’s, and CA204’s are furnished upon request.



Please make your check payable to “The National Center for Civic Innovation,” with the name, “Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration” or simply “Presidents’ Alliance” in the memo section.

Please mail or overnight the check to:

National Center for Civic Innovation

6th Floor

121 Ave of the Americas

New York, NY 10013



Please contact Miriam Feldblum: mfeldblum (at) presidentsimmigrationalliance (dot) org for wiring instructions.

The Presidents' Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration is a project of the Partner Program of the National Center for Civic Innovation, a nonprofit created to facilitate the ability of cities and communities throughout the United States to improve quality of life and the performance of government and nonprofit organizations.