Migration Policy Institute Fact Sheet on Number of Dreamers Graduating from High School

On April 24, 2019, the Migration Policy Institute (MPI) released a new fact sheet: How Many Unauthorized Immigrants Graduate from U.S. High Schools Annually? The research was commissioned by the Presidents’ Alliance.

Fact Sheet on Immigrants Graduating from High School

An Undocumented Student Guide To College in Michigan

In summer of 2019, a coalition of education and immigration organizations in Michigan released an updated guide for undocumented students seeking to attend college. Since summer 2018, the group has hosted two large meetings to discuss advancing resources and centralizing support services and information for the undocumented population in the state. One of the updated resources is the Undocumented Student Guide to College in Michigan. This guide is geared towards undocumented students and their families, with a focus on preparing for college, finding the right fit, and finding the funding for college as an undocumented student.


FAQ: Higher Education Access and Undocumented Students

This FAQ provides an overview of differences in enrollment procedure for "international students" and undocumented students, and ways for administrators to be sensitive to undocumented student's needs.

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FAQ: Employment Practices Regarding DACA Beneficiaries (For Higher Ed Institutions)

This FAQ provides information on Employment Authorization Documents and I-9s that enable non-citizen students, including those with DACA and F1 visas, to work.

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FAQ: Non-Employment-Based Educational Funding Opportunities

This FAQ details the process of establishing fellowships and grants available to all students, regardless of immigration status, at higher education institutions.

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FAQ: Protocol for Campus ICE Raids and Site Visits

This FAQ provides critical information for higher ed administration and staff on protocol for responding to ICE inspections and raids in a manner that protects the rights of employees, students, and the university/institution.

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More resources can be found at Informed Immigrant.