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Below, the Alliance provides key resources and materials developed by partners and others that provide helpful information regarding the two Senate bills, Dream Act of 2019 and SECURE Act, and the recently passed Dream and Promise Act, H.R.6. 

General Resources, an Alliance Partner, produced two fact sheets on protecting Dreamers and TPS & DED holders.

United We Dream, in conjunction with the National Immigration Law Center, and Undocublack, released a series of helpful resources:

CLASP Fact Sheet on Promoting Equity for Undocumented Students in Postsecondary Education

Center for American Progress Analysis of DACA Renewals

CLINIC maintains a variety of TPS and DED related materials, including:

The Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU) has a mini-toolkit and resource page that contains information on dreamers and tools to contact Congress in support of the bill. 

House — Dream and Promise Act, H.R. 6

District-by-District Economic Impact and Population Estimates. The University of Southern California published a district-by-district analysis of who would benefit under the bill, including, including their federal and state/local tax contributions; and spending power. The below resource is also helpful to customize your email/letter/call to your Representative regarding the specific economic benefits to their district.

Additionally, the Migration Policy Institute (MPI) also provided estimates of individuals eligible for relief, though not by congressional district. The MPI and USC estimates differ slightly due to minor differences in methodology. Recently, MPI, in conjunction with the Alliance, published a fact sheet estimating that upwards of 100k undocumented immigrant students graduate from high school every year.

United We Dream, in conjunction with the National Immigration Law Center, and Undocublack, released the following:

Finally, the Center for American Progress created and compiled a variety of resources related to H.R.6, including fact sheets on DACA, TPS, DED; the impacts on U.S. citizen relatives; and economic benefits. Most recently, CAP also released a city and county breakdown of the economic benefits of the population who would benefit under H.R.6.

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