Best Practices

Hispanic National Bar Association: DREAMer Initiative — Advocating for Equal Access to Financial Aid for Dreamers through Private, State, and Institutional Partners The Hispanic National Bar Association created a toolkit to empower advocates, lawyers, students, and others to expand equal access to financial aid for Dreamers through private, state, and institutional actors. The toolkit provides the…

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FAQ: Higher Education Access and Undocumented Students This FAQ provides an overview of differences in enrollment procedure for “international students” and undocumented students, and ways for administrators to be sensitive to undocumented student’s needs. Download the documentation   FAQ: Employment Practices Regarding DACA Beneficiaries (For Higher Ed Institutions) This FAQ provides information on Employment Authorization…

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Migration Policy Institute Fact Sheet on Number of Dreamers Graduating from High School On April 24, 2019, the Migration Policy Institute (MPI) released a new fact sheet: How Many Unauthorized Immigrants Graduate from U.S. High Schools Annually? The research was commissioned by the Presidents’ Alliance. Fact Sheet on Immigrants Graduating from High School Talking Points on The…

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