DACA and Dreamers

“Undocumented immigrant students who have attended U.S. high schools are members of our communities deserving of dignity, respect and the opportunity to realize their full human potential. Undocumented immigrant students who are able to pursue their academic and professional dreams contribute to our communities and country and help meet the challenges that lie before us, just as generations of immigrants have done before them.”
– Founding Statement, Presidents’ Alliance

Presidents’ Alliance sends a letter to the House of Representatives urging them to “bring to a vote bipartisan immigration bills that will permanently protect Dreamers and upholds our values”

Urgent Call to Congress: Bring to a Vote Bipartisan Immigration Bills that Will Permanently Protect Dreamers and Uphold our Values This week, the House of Representatives is considering a vote on two partisan immigration measures. After careful review, we cannot support either. Both proposals fall far short for our Dreamer students and alumni, while incorporating…

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Press Release: More than 70 U.S. Colleges and Universities Join in Supporting the Legal Challenge to the Administration’s Ending DACA

More than 70 member institutions of the Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration have signed onto an amicus brief filed yesterday supporting plaintiffs who are challenging the Trump Administration’s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (“DACA”) program. This “friend of the court” brief presents evidence of the vital role that the…

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